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Change Log

  • Additional 2024 Data

    "Projected estimates of cancer in Canada in 2024", a manuscript released in the Canadian Medical Association Journal which include 2024 cancer projections, was released in May 2024. As a result, the Canadian Cancer Statistics Dashboard (CCSD) has been updated with 2024 projected estimates. The following updates were made to the dashboard: incidence and mortality by sex and geographic region, as well as incidence and mortality trends over time.  The projected number of new cases and deaths and the most commonly diagnosed cancers and causes of cancer mortality were also updated with 2024 projected estimates. Figure captions have been updated to 2024 where new projected estimates are included. 

    The following estimates were not updated with 2024 estimate: the probability of Canadians expected to be diagnosed with or die from cancer, incidence and mortality estimates by age group, potential years of life lost, leading causes of death, survival and prevalence.